What do I own?

I feel that recent editions of the Small Cap Value Report I have written for Stockopedia have been weighted quite heavily toward criticism of bad companies.

This is inevitable sometimes, when writing a daily report. It can’t be helped if most companies reporting on particular day are just plain bad or overvalued. But I don’t want to come across as overly negative.

I also don’t want to trigger depression in my readers! As someone wrote in the comments last week:

I’m despairing of ever finding another good share after today.

The truth is that there are plenty of good and undervalued companies out there, and I consider it my job to identify them, analyse them, and (with a bit of luck) own shares in them.

So in that spirit of positivity, I am today publishing my own personal portfolio. These are all holdings which I considered, at least on the day of purchase, to offer investors an attractive return.

I can’t promise that this list will prove useful to you in any way. My analysis could easily have been wrong, or the situation may have changed, since I opened my position. It’s extremely important that you do your own research, into your own investments.

But perhaps you will find it interesting, to see where I have been willing to risk my own funds.

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